Origingally started as a e-newsletter, this site then morphed into a pictorial windsurfing news site and now it's become more of a (historical) record of NI windsurfing over the years.

The immediate news value of the site has been overtaken by Facebook and Whatsapp and Youtube and Vimeo these days provide the videos.

So today, the site is an archive of the evolution of windsurfing and the idiots who enjoy it - even as they get (much) older. To that end, the articles have been divided into 'the old days' when we were young and photography was still evolving and the last 10 years or so. A lot of the older stuff is very much an archive - for historical record or possibly for the Ulster Museum.

Recently we've evolved into a pattern of a yearly round up of general abuse and things that happened, along with a few set pieces - nornally the annual Donegal wave clinics.

We may fully archive all of this and if we do, an electronic copy will be available to anyone who wants it - perhaps a nice gift to give to your grand children?

We have also gone back to the text only (original e-newsletter) older articles and sourced pictures which we couldn't send out at the time - such as this early gem from Ming and the Ark Royal...


And of course we keep an active eye on Facebook and Whatsapp to keep abreast of the gossip. So you can rest assured that if you make a fool of yourself, we will hear about it. And we'll get the pictures. And we'll publish it.

And all the while, we will continue to enjoy our marvellous sport!

Alan Watts, aka The Lord aka your Humble Scribe....

There is loads of fun stuff on this site :

  • Check out the articles to see the craic we had

  • Look at the windsurfing outside Ireland section to find out about Aruba, Pras, Egypt and even indoor windsurfing!

  • And marvel at how young our group used to look ....

In the meantime, there are some fun videos .....

If you want to see a tandem windsurfer being carve gybed by a couple of blokes called Alan, then look here.

And there's a new video of one family's Morocco experience this May. Go here to enjoy it.

And if you haven't seen the musical round up video of the Easter notherlies at Ballyturd, check out this video.

If you're interested in what it's like to windsurf in Aruba, just sit back and enjoy this.

But if you're in a hurry and want to see Aruba in less time than it takes to neck a beer - try this.

And for the big weekend in Magheroarty from the air we are indebted to 'the guy with the cocker spaniel'. His name is Ross Ezak and his photographic skills are only matched by his great editing and choice of music. Feast your senses on this : Magheroarty Big Weekend Video


This site is for anyone interested in windsurfing in Northern Ireland. And remember our moto - we never let the truth get in the way of a good story!